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dinner for my pops.

I’m delighted to point out that I will be travelling with my boyfriend to Dubai this Christmas – Abu Dhabi to be exact 🙂 My dad had helped book the tickets for the trip so we decided to throw a nice pre-holiday dinner for him this past Friday evening (December 2nd, 2011).

To begin, ‘quads’ are now my ultimate fave type of beer. Made by monks, this trappist ale is super sweet and tastes great with certain cheeses.

This is what we ate:

We started the night off with an anti-pasto plate that consisted of:

– fresh baguette

– chile infused oil

– mix of olives

– fresh tomatoes

– cheddar cheese

– goat & honey cheese

– spicy spanish salami (was it ever spicy!)

“I’m ready for my close up!”

For the main, my boyfriend created a well balanced and ultra delicious dish. Inspired my the one and only Jamie Oliver, he put together:

Side dish of potatoes:

– yellow new potatoes

– handfull of dill

– large capers

– lemon

– oil

– salt & pepper

Side asparagus:

– pan fried straight up with salt, pepper and oil

Main dish of Rainbow Trout:

– fresh Rainbow Trout

– lemon

– salt & pepper

– olive oil

Sometimes the best food is prepared ‘simply’ – no need to alter it’s true beauty.



scrambled delight.

I ate really well the other weekend and this was one of the highlights (other than the ribs of course).

– roast potato hashbrowns (with fried onion)

– breakfast sausage (always a must)

– organic free range eggs (that’s where the gorgeous colour comes from)

– asparagus

– mushroom

– cheddar

– green onion


best ribs i’ve ever had.

I am fortunate enough to be dating a rib God. No really – ribs are definitely his forte and I am not complaining one bit.

messini = life.

If you haven’t been. GO NOW. Messini on Danforth – enough said.

these knives will change your life.

I was recently introduced to an extraordinary knife shop on Markham street, near Bloor in Toronto by the name of ‘TOSHO’.

These knives will seriously change your life (whether into cooking or not).

For more information, visit: http://toshoknifearts.com/

eggs benny.

– 2 eggs, poached

– hollandaise sauce

– black forest ham

– toasted english muffin

– salt, pepper & cayenne

– potato hashbrowns (with onion)

– fresh raspberries



– ripe & juicy tomatoes

– fresh basil

– mozzarella di Bufala

– good quality olive oil

– salt & pepper


We all lost a great one.

Steve Jobs was truly an extraordinary man with an impeccable understanding of technology, having the ability to decide what customers want before they even know it themselves. At only 56 years old, it just goes to show that no matter how successful or fulfilled your life may be, it is very short and every day should be appreciated as if it’s your last.

We all lost a great one but he will be remembered by all of the devices he helped create that we all use and love on a daily basis.

He will forever be an inspiration to all.

RIP (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011)

Here it is!


Burger’s Priest Part II.

i visited the beloved burger joint once again this past weekend and, as promised, tried “the priest”, a classic cheeseburger topped with a deep-fried portabello mushroom (that is breaded with panko and stuffed with cheese).

it was unreal to say the least.