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valentine’s day.

pizza libretto on the danforth

valentine’s day special: free peroni

fungi pizza w gorgonzola, bufala mozzarella, rosemary & parm

special of the day: roasted garlic, capers, olives, octopus, basil & tomato sauce

chocolate dipped strawberries (few with shredded coconut) paired with proseco.

gorgeous pearl bracelet 🙂


christmas eve.

pickled herring with sour cream, apple & onion – taken with a shot of vodka 😛

Sea bass, fingerling potatoes with garlic & rosemary, green beens with shallots & balsamic vinegar reduction.

abu dhabi.

So a few months ago, my bf and I decided it was time we make our trip to Dubai (more specifically Abu Dhabi) happen. His parents have lived there for the past 5 years and he was really excited to one day take me there to experience it. Flights were booked, bags were packed and it was time to go!

Though sometimes things don’t happen this easily…

Here’s my stressful story.

The night before the flight, I came down with a really bad case of the stomach flu 😦 I can’t remember the last time I felt so bad… the only thing running through my mind was.. “how am I going to get on a 13 hour flight tonight?” The puking was followed by a fever,  chills, body aches and a very large headache. All around Bad News Bears.

At 11am I get a phone call from my boyfriend – who at the time felt terrible I was in such a bad state. Especially since he had to break the next set of bad news to me. My visitation visa got rejected. Who would have known it is SO easy to get a visa if you’re the daughter of someone living over there (the father is your sponsor) yet SO difficult if you’re not 😦

It had been so long since Justin spent Christmas with his entire family, so I pushed him to go on without me as I stayed home in Toronto, sick in my bed.

What a great way to start the holidays eh?

A few days later I got the most beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to my door with a long note from Justin & his family. This put a big smile on my face.

After moping around for long enough, I reminded myself that everything happens for a reason. Although I wasn’t able to have a cool experience in the middle east, I was able to spend Christmas with my entire family (my sister flew in from Vancouver) and Justin was able to spend Christmas with his (you have no idea how rare it is for his whole family to be together). So maybe everything was meant to happen this way?

I guess what I’m trying to say is.. don’t get upset by things you can’t have or do, appreciate the moment and who you spend it with 🙂

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!




the holidays = dinner party galore.

When you graduate University and start working, you slowly begin to drift from all of those people you were so close with during those stressful times. You know.. when University became your primary home as you attended countless group project pow-wows or exam-cram study sessions. It’s really important to find time to get together with those old friends and catch up – regardless of the clash in schedule. This is what I did this past Sunday evening.

I was the host for the night as we executed a sort of ‘pot-luck’ affair, where each individual was responsible for preparing one dish. I guess we’re all great cooks because it couldn’t have gone better.

We started the night off with (plenty of wine of course and) an array of delicious apps 🙂

The highlight for me was my friend Liana’s anti-pasto plate. This consisted of a fresh bruschetta topping that had large chunks of feta (if you know me, cheese is something I cannot live without) with freshly sliced salami and prosciutto meats.

Being the host, I was of course in charge of the main dish. I decided to go with a spaghetti. I loaded it with lots of roasted garlic, because why not? 🙂

Chocolate dipped strawberries were served for dessert! I learned that they’re super easy to prepare and also really awesome.

The dessert didn’t just stop there. Dominika prepared incredibly memorable butter tarts (I’m quite the food photographer eh?)

The night ended with a lot of ‘food babies’, yawns and dishes – but it was well-worth it. Never make an excuse to not see your friends.

Make all the effort to plan nights like these.

girl’s dinner party.

My friends and I put together a dinner party this past Saturday. We organized it in such a way that each of us were responsible for a dish – whether it was an appetizer, main or drinks 🙂

My friends have been through a lot lately – family passings, relationship issues and stress in general – but it’s great that after so many years, we all continue to support one another and our bond is stronger than ever.

Life will continue to throw hurdles at us – people pass, relationships crumble, jobs stress us out – but friends will always be there no matter what.