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Month: February, 2012

valentine’s day.

pizza libretto on the danforth

valentine’s day special: free peroni

fungi pizza w gorgonzola, bufala mozzarella, rosemary & parm

special of the day: roasted garlic, capers, olives, octopus, basil & tomato sauce

chocolate dipped strawberries (few with shredded coconut) paired with proseco.

gorgeous pearl bracelet 🙂


summer lovin’

summer lovin'



casual wear

casual wear

vin rouge.

a great find – $15

shrimp fried rice.

fried rice with shrimp. deeeelish 🙂

spaghetti alla carbonara.

enough said.

skydome #ftw.

we had friends in from barrie that were participating in a 24 hour softball tournament at the skydome. their game was at midnight and i may or may have not chilled in the jays dugout and walked the field. unreal experience 🙂

rustic rosti.

although this is not the most glamorous photo…maybe that’s why i love it so much – it is very rustic and quite frankly my favourite meal at the moment. Rustic Rosti is what we call it and the recipe has been perfected. roasted garlic, bacon chunks, rosemary, onion and thick julienned potato: this is to die for – trust.