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Month: September, 2011

Burger’s Priest Part II.

i visited the beloved burger joint once again this past weekend and, as promised, tried “the priest”, a classic cheeseburger topped with a deep-fried portabello mushroom (that is breaded with panko and stuffed with cheese).

it was unreal to say the least.



remember those business cards i told you about? well i actually went ahead and ordered some which are now being shipped! super excited for their arrival as i have customized them to reflect my participation in various social media pages and have designed them in a very modern and minimalistic way (pictures soon to come) – did i mention they’re printed on matte ‘green’ (ie. recycled) paper 🙂 can you tell im excited?

Standing out from the rest.

my last post was about the website ‘about.me’ – just recently, i discovered that ‘about.me’ offers customized business cards that include a picture on one side, and contact info (including a QR code) on the other side (see below). i thought these were pretty neat and reflect how technology and social media is affecting the recruitment process today.

An Undergraduate Degree is becoming as common as graduating high school, so you need to find creative ways to stand out among all of the other candidates when applying for the job you want.

Click here for some innovative resume ideas.


about.me is a website that allows you to create a custom online profile and connects users to all of the social media you are engaged in. It’s a great way to set yourself apart when job hunting or trying to create an online presence.

Check out my about.me profile here

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